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Our Story

Hi there, I am Lee Ali, the founder and MD of Expo Stars Interactive Ltd.

1st August 2007. AdTech Exhibition. Navy Pier, Chicago. The first and only time that I can remember being proactively approached and engaged by an exhibitor in my previous 10 years of visiting trade show exhibitions across the globe. Within two minutes, not only had a professional lead generator caught my attention with a smile, but had me qualified as a potential client by asking the right questions and learning about my challenges with marketing software.

Having experienced this “light bulb” moment of trade show engagement, I was inspired to start a little business called Expo Stars in December 2007. And what an incredible journey it has been for the past eleven years.

Starting as a one-man operation from my bedroom in Manchester, I set out to help companies attending exhibitions to generate more sales leads through hiring proactive promotion staff, initially focusing on exhibitions in London, with a small team of 10 promotion staff and presenters.

Fast forward to 2017. We have now managed over 3000 projects, in over 100 cities across 53 countries in the last 11 years and built up a worldwide network of over 2500 professional promotion staff. I strongly believe that the reason for our sustained success (despite all the recessions, banking crises, and political turmoil over the years) is our passion for proactive engagement, the quality of our people, and our drive to deliver results.

At Expo Stars, we come to work each day because we want to make a difference and achieve success for our clients and staff. Our approach to doing business, from the very beginning, has been very simple and honest. We try to understand your business and exhibiting objectives first, and only then create a compelling attendee engagement strategy, tailor training to your team’s needs, and allocate professional staff to your project to elevate your exhibiting performance to another level.

Our Team

Lee Ali
Lee Ali
Founder & Managing Director
Hannah Barlow
Director of Operations
Jessica Sixsmith
Account Manager
Kerry Account Exec
Kerry Hughes
Account Executive